On this week’s episode of the ROAD Podcast, the crew is joined by LA’s finest, Dre Sinatra. Dre Sinatra credits tracks like the New Boyz’s “You’re A Jerk” for bringing hip hop to the bottle services clubs in LA in the 2000’s, shares a throwback story about KRS-One getting boo’d at Colony Mondays, and compares NYC “Black Diamond Parties” to LA’s Made Nightlife with Crooked. Dre speaks on becoming Ray J’s DJ, DJ’ing for LA Chicano rap artists like “Lean like a Cholo” Kilo, and giving himself one year to accomplish being a full-time DJ. He also discusses his Twitch streams and his relationship with DJ Franzen. Dre also recounts being on Ray J’s TV show “For the Love of Ray J”, becoming Ty Dolla $ign’s DJ, and never getting caught up in the celebrity lifestyle. He shares his opinion on the Wiz Khalifa incident at Poppy Nightclub and his top three hip hop records of 2022. Finally, Dre Sinatra speaks on his upcoming tour life.